Internet Based Database Applications

Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management

For Any Organisation or Company Requiring Supply Chain Management Support.

Substantially saving time and cost, while gaining risk and quality management, can be achieved by establishing and utilising a web-based (24/7/anywhere) computerised system for Supply Chain Management.  Components in this customisable product currently include: Project Planning, Purchase Ordering, Shipping Control (Expediting and Logistics), Document Tracking, Supplier and Item Cataloguing, and basic Quality Control.

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Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management

Mining Legislation Database

Currently for Coal Mining Companies.

Coal mining company compliance with the Australian Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulation is legislated.  Managing this compliance via a web-based (24/7/365/anywhere) computerised system makes this obligation structured, readily available, and timely.  A dedicated system such as this focuses attention on the objective of keeping people safe.

This product has been a joint project between OST Database Group and the Mine Safety Institute of Australia (

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Mining Legislation Database

For Club Management (OurClub)

For Sports, Recreation and Other Clubs, Schools or Other Groups.

Clubs and management groups notoriously struggle with the challenges of centralizing their members, volunteers, associates, suppliers, managing their facility usage, and establishing effective succession planning.  For Club Management (OurClub) is a web-based (24/7/365/anywhere) management tool to support groups with these and other challenges.

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For Sports Club Management

Glimpse (Web)

For Any Business.

If you not only need support with your Prospect and Client tracking and management, but would like 24/7/365/anywhere access to your system, then Glimpse(Web) or a customised version of this system, would considerably benefit your organisation or business.

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For Marketing Management

MinuteKeeper (Web)

For Any Group or Organisation with Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Actions.

Centralize your meeting agendas, minutes, actions, and associated documentation.  Allow attendees and others to schedule meetings, notify attendance, review meeting agenda and minutes, add agenda items, and provide follow-up and feedback on meeting minutes and actions.  For organisations and groups with geographically dispersed meetings, MinuteKeeper (Web) is an excellent management tool.

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Minute Keeper (Web) - Meeting Management Software

Lite Warehouse  / Tablet and Smart Phone Software

For Any Warehousing Business.

Finding a software system that matches your specific warehousing processes can be a challenge.  With Lite Warehouse as a basis, we can start to design and build a basic web-based warehousing system.  Consider extending your office or warehouse database out into the warehouse or on the road:

Tablet and Smart Phone Software

Lite Warehouse

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