Database Health Check  

Database and software upgrades, updates and renovations

The 'Database Health Check' is a comprehensive 91 point inspection that helps us ascertain the general health of your current database system. It is performed before we

commence the requested updates to your database system and usually takes about four hours to complete (depending on the complexity of your database system).        

During the inspection, all sections relevant to your database system will be discussed, analysed and reported on by the attending developer/s. This hands-on inspection of your database system has the added benefit of allowing the developers to familiarise themselves with your current database system structure, so that they might:                     

  • highlight areas that require immediate or future review,              
  • analyse the current structure in light of the future plans and objectives for the system, and therefore be in a position to offer constructive comments,               
  • reduce the risk of 'errors of judgment' in the ongoing development of the system.


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