Microsoft Access Database Developer / Development

Computer system support and prototyping

While there is much recent excitement around systems operating from the cloud, quite a number of businesses and organisations do not feel they need or possibly want web based business solutions.  Database and software systems that operate on individual computers and across internal networks remain a viable alternative.

One platform that has been adopted by many organisations, businesses, groups and teams since the early 1990s, has been Microsoft Access.  It offers a management system specifically designed for the development and delivery of powerful database solutions – suitable for almost any business or organisational need.

The development, support and renovation of Microsoft Access applications has been core business for OST Database Group (in its various forms) since before the year 2000, and several of OST’s database developers have been programming in Microsoft Access since or before 1995.

OST Database Group have developed and currently offer a range of Microsoft Access database products and solutions, virtually all of which can be used as base templates for custom database solutions across a range of industries.  With this pre-development of templates and components, OST can design, develop and deliver custom database solutions at significant cost savings.  View examples of some of the types of applications we have previously developed using Microsoft Access on our web page: Intra-Office Applications.

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