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 Brings Order to Your Meeting Minutes

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MinuteKeeper (Web) is a powerful yet simple to use Meeting Management System designed to provide companies and organisations with the ability to better manage, track and distribute meeting information.


MinuteKeeper (Web):

  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces management stress
  • Increases productivity as staff are no longer wasting time fossicking through piles of paperwork trying to find information from previous meetings.
  • Decreases time spent on distributing meeting minutes.


Minute Keeper (Web) offers:

  • 24/7/365 access, anywhere with Internet connectivity (Internet based systems only).
  • Ability to manage meetings, meeting agendas and minutes, actions, meeting templates, attendees and associated documents.
  • Ability to transfer actions and agenda items from previous meetings into current or future meetings.
  • Ability to view/search minutes, agendas, actions and recipients of previously held meetings.
  • Generate reports to PDF format and distribute these reports to recipients via email.
  • Ability to manage meeting schedules.

System Requirements

  • Computer with Internet browsing capability
  • (Optimised for Mozilla Firefox)


Meeting management web based software

Sample Screens

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