OST Database Group

OST Database Group considers the privacy of others to be a very important consideration in its business dealings. If you have any comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.

In relation to privacy, OST Database Group declares that:

  • Personal and contact information is collected when a request for information is sent via email, a job request is made, or a customisation is requested. This information is stored for internal business management purposes, and for direct dealings between OST Database Group and the particular person or party making contact.
  • Personal and contact information collected by OST Database Group may be supplied to product partners, new owners or subcontractors where it is considered that the provision of this information is necessary for providing appropriate client service.
  • Personal and contact information collected by OST Database Group will not be supplied intentionally to parties other than those identified above, without due consultation with the persons or parties providing these details, excepting where we are obliged to do so by law, or where we need to protect the rights of OST Database Group.
  • Where product or service provision may involve the transmitting of personal or contact details to others, participants will be asked to provide authorisation. The relevant person or party may request a variation in this authorisation at any time.
  • Details of personal and contact information held by OST Database Group may be requested by the relevant person or party (only) at any given time for their review purposes. OST Database Group will make amendments to these details on request by the relevant person or party (only) at any given time.
  • OST Database Group warns that standard email does not offer a substantive level of security, and that only non-sensitive details be sent via this medium. Fax, phone and mail are alternate contact medium supported by OST Database Group. However, if contact is made with OST Database Group via email (for say a request, order, question or comment), OST Database Group will respond in most circumstances using the same medium unless requested to do otherwise.
  • OST Database Group has not programmed cookies within its web pages.
  • The OST Database Group web site is hosted by third party provider. Standard statistical data may be collected by this provider on behalf of OST Database Group.
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