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Most everyone is familiar with the concept of a web site and many understand that these can be used to interact with clients beyond the simple provision of information.  For instance a web site can be used as a marketing and sales engine, a searchable knowledge base, or as a tracking system for deliveries.

Yet further to these applications, web based software can be developed specifically to work as back-office systems.  For instance website applications can be developed to:

  • Allow employees and contractors to prepare quotes, orders, timesheets, requisitions, etc – within or outside of the office.
  • Direct workflow around a warehouse, workshop, manufacturing floor, or across various personnel out on the road.
  • Manage internal meetings, projects, jobs, KPIs, tracking of OHS events and processes, and so on.

Tablet SoftwareAnd one of the significant advantages of these types of systems is that they can be written once for delivery and use on desktop computers as well as laptops, tablets and smart phones.  That is to say, different apps do not need to be developed for each brand and type of laptop, tablet and smart phone.  One app can be delivered simultaneously to multiple devices – and with this comes significant development cost savings.

OST Database Group have been developing both public and back-office web site applications since 2007 - allowing us to develop now from base templates and pre-developed components.  View examples of the types of applications we have developed on our web page: Internet Based Applications.

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