Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management Web-based Database

 Keeps Supply Chain Obligations on Track and on Time.


Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management assists with a broad spectra of procurement management processes - high level control of purchase packages and contracts, purchase ordering, as well as the fine point management required to keep expediting and logistics on track and on time.


Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management centralizes workflow information management for buyers, expeditors and logistic officers:

  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Supporting access to current and live data by multiple personnel at the one time.
  • Bolstering project and procurement management processes.
  • Standardizing processes, procedures and documentation including management reporting.
  • Optimising reaction time to project events.
  • Reducing detrimental risk management events.


Among the features that Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management offers:

  • Setting up procurement packages and/or contracts, and tracking these through pre-set stages.
  • Linking a range of personnel such as principle expeditor and logistics officer, buyer, etc.
  • Adding and tracking purchasing orders against these packages, linking in purchase lines from a catalogue of standard items.
  • Entering and tracking logistic details - shipping units, multiple voyage legs, purchased item details (size, weight, etc) and critical pickup and drop off points.


You might wish to commission customisations to Workflow Essentials - Supply Chain Management so that it can:

  • Potentially link with a current financial system.
  • Export data to MS Excel and other file formats for further analysis and /or import into another system.
  • Import data from a third party system.
  • Include additional analysis functionality and detailed statistical reporting.
  • Present specific management reporting with embedded graphs.

System Requirements

Host Server Configuration:  (This detail relates to the configuration for the web server on which the backend application will be hosted.)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 with IIS Server.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft ASP.Net 4.x with AJAX extensions.

User  (This detail relates to the configuration for the computer(s) from which the system will be accessed for general use.)

  • Most current web browsers - Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari with Java Script enabled.


Supply Chain Management Software - web based database

Product Brochure

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