Mining Legislation Database

 Manages your Compliance Obligations under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation and Act.

 This product has been a joint project between OST Database Group and the Mine Safety Institute of Australia (


The Mining Legislation Database provides:

  • Up to date information about mining health and safety regulations.
  • A facility to allocate responsibilities for each section of the legislation to relevant company personnel.
  • A facility to categorise all sections of the act by applicable sections of the standard, and by document, process and vocation types.
  • The ability to link positions and personnel with associated training, and these in turn with sections of the legislation.
  • Comprehensive search and filter facilities to quickly locate legislation details and associated responsibilities.


The Mining Legislation Database:

  • Manages your compliance obligations under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation and Act.
  • Assists with the management of your mining legislation compliance via a web-based (24/7/anywhere) computerised system, making this obligation structured, readily available, timely, and organised.
  • A dedicated system such as this focuses your company's attention on the objective of keeping people safe.


The Mining Legislation Database provides facilities to:

  • Search and filter all sections of the Australian Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulation.
  • Categorise the Act and Regulation using your own company's corporate standards, applied documentation, process and vocation types.
  • Add and enter your company's position titles and link these to current personnel, adjustable into the future.
  • Allocate positions to each section of the legislation, defining their responsibility obligation(s), eg:  Develop and Maintain, Implement, Apply and Monitor, etc.
  • Link training competencies to the various position types and to personnel - looking to ensure personnel are appropriately trained to manage their responsibilities.


The Mining Legislation Database can be customised to link the regulation items to your company's current safety documentation - Risk Assessments, SHMS's, SOP's, etc.

System Requirements

Host Server Configuration:  (This detail relates to the configuration for the web server on which the backend application will be hosted.)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 with IIS Server.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft ASP.Net 4.x with AJAX extensions.

User  (This detail relates to the configuration for the computer(s) from which the system will be accessed for general use.)

  • Most current web browsers - Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari with Java Script enabled.


Mining Legislation Database - web based software

Product Brochure

 Download (600kb)

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