• Your accounts person has dedicated accounting software...
  • The rest of the team wiithout custom database software
  • Database development team
  • Mining and energy web site software
  • Manufacturing software and custom databases
  • Non Profit Custom Database
  • With custom office and web-based databases

Custom Databases...

Your accounts person has software to assist them in their role... What are the rest of your team using?

We write software - databases - for the rest of your team.

For instance, can your team members quickly find:

  • a client's phone number case note,
  • a supplier's contact details,
  • an order or quote,
  • a job's current status,
  • the availability of a stock item,
  • the location of a given asset,
  • OH&S safety details,
  • a supply chain status,
  • a linked document or email?

Our database developers design, develop and renovate custom database (computer-based software) systems that operate within offices, warehouses, workshops, at remote offices or even on the road.

Web-based Database Systems...

In relation to web site software, we develop applications such as:

  • Custom web sites with an integrated Content Management System (CMS).
  • Web-based software or database solutions for inter- or intra-office use.
  • Web-based applications for assisting with say job management, on-site quoting, OHS support, etc - applications that can be accessed not only via the web, but also via tablets and smart phones.
  • Web-based components that value-add to an existing database system.

A well designed database system - customised to your needs - is an asset to your organisation or business, and will save you time and money.

Give us a call!

0404 465 185

Some of our Industry Areas...

In relation to some of the industry areas OST currently supports, we have database development expertise, base products and/or template components in the areas of:



OST Database Group primarily develop in Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® SQL Server and Microsoft® ASP.Net.


Some of the kind things our clients have said about us:

"OST Database Group has made us a number of on-line databases for MSIA. We tell them what we want, and they do it. It works and it’s good. I am very happy, even better, our clients are happy!"  Mark Parcell, Mine Safety Institute of Australia

"The OST Database Group have been our reliable database consultants for several years now. They are honest and hard working and an integral part of our business's success"  Samuel Festa, Business Development Manager, Rochele Painting.

“Thanks again team… the database upgrades over the last year along with the webapp has made our business better!.”  JP, General Manager, XL Service Bodies Pty Ltd, Nov 2013

“Great service and back up.  Always ready to help and make any changes I need.  At a good price.”  Trevor Kitson, Backflow Doctor

“Although it never went anywhere commercially ServPlus has and still is a vital piece of software for my family’s earthmoving company. I enjoyed working on the project and it gave me an insight to the programming process.”  Dean Smith, Smith Plant

Wendy Erhard, Office Manager, The Rubbish Removers writes..
Many years ago we were looking for a computer program designer, someone who could understand our vision and requirements for keeping a track of equipment, clients, invoicing, and produce required information in a very specific industry. We stumbled onto Mark from OST.

He took our ideas and hopes and somehow, rather magically we thought, created a program that was simple, effective, efficient yet flexible enough to keep pace with our rapidly growing business.

Mark has always been contactable within hours of needing him for any updates required (as our business added various extras) or as we updated computers or servers.

He problem solves so well that you forget you had a problem!

Thanks Mark. You and the OST team have been awesome.
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