System Support

Computer system support and prototyping

The process of renovating an established home or building needs to be approached with due care and planning. The final outcome needs to be clearly visualised and mapped out. The current structure needs to be carefully analysed in preparation for the planned renovation: The more complex, intricate or extensive the current structure is, the more analysis and consideration the new design will require. This also applies to the renovation or updating of an existing database system. Like buildings, databases have multiple levels of complexity:

  • The ground on which a building stands is equivalent to the hardware, network & operating system underpinning database system.              
  • The foundations of a building are equivalent to the database tables & tables relationships.
  • The walls, roof & internal rooms are equivalent to the database screens + reports.
  • The plumbing & electricals are equivalent to the database's program code    

With this complexity in mind, we have created what we call a 'Health Check' service for reviewing existing systems. This 'Health Check' allows us to pinpoint the existing structures, complexity/methods used and any unforeseen/unanticipated risk areas within the existing system that may impact on our renovation work. This service is performed by one or more of our highly experienced developers prior to quoting or offering recommendations with regard to your required database updates.            

The extensive development experience held by our staff allow us to undertake both intricate updates/system renovations as well as the preparation of complex custom database components, features, 3rd party product links and complete projects. Some of the customised items that we have tackled to date include:                      

  • Various booking & scheduling modules               
  • Links to such products as MYOB, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Outlook, Dymo & other third party Database Systems.                
  • Complex graphical reporting.                 
  • Features that tie in with 3rd party products such as WIN2PDF.                   
  • 2D & 3D drawing components.            

When considering a capable development team for your system support and/or complex system developments, please consider the team at OST Database Group.

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