Workflow Essentials - Custom Database System for Manufacturers and Installers

>Drives Your Business' Workflow and Information Management


Using the For Business Management - Workflow Essentials as a base product, OST Database Group assists businesses manage the key functions and processes within these 5 Portals of Business:

  • Resources - Assets, Employees, Stock...
  • Marketing - CRM, Leads, Sales...
  • Operations - Jobs, Sales, Production, Systems...
  • Admin - Sales, Purchases, Timesheet Tracking...
  • Leadership - Management reporting

Customisation is available to enhance the product's suitability for specific workflow and information requirements.


A well considered customised version of For Business Management - Workflow Essentials can save a business substantial time and money in administrative and business management costs - optimising workflow and information management.


Components within For Business Management - Workflow Essentials include:

  • Customer Details with associated CRM features
  • Customer Quotes and Orders
  • Customer Jobs
  • Products and Parts
  • Suppliers and Supplier Orders
  • Employees with entry level HRM
  • Entry level Asset management


You might wish to commission customisations to For Business Management - Workflow Essentials so that it can:

  • Be linked to an accounting package such as MYOB.
  • Provide extended CRM capabilities including client file notes, appointment scheduling, and todo lists.
  • Provide advanced job management including employee timesheets, and extended project management.
  • Other facilities for the management of resources, events, surveys, meetings...

System Requirements

  • Pentium PC or better (with mouse)
  • 256mb RAM or better (depending on your version of Microsoft® Access)
  • Super VGA Monitor running at 800x600 resolution and 16 colours or more
  • 100mb or more free hard drive space (not including the space required for Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access)
  • Microsoft® Windows 98 or later
  • Microsoft® Access 2000 or later currently (a standalone version of this product can be purchased separately)

Screenshot Workflow Essentials - custom database for manufacturers

Product Brochure

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Selected Screen Shots

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Savings Estimation Tool

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