For Resource Management - Sports and Recreation Database Application

 Drives Information Management for Sports and Recreation Reserves


For Resource Management - Sports and Recreation aims to assist you with the management of council reserves, including: reserve details, bookings, user details, development & maintenance projects, user surveys, mailouts and visits.


For Resource Management - Sports and Recreation may provide you with the following benefits:


  • Centralised storage of detailed information relating to all local council reserves.
  • Quick and efficient access to reserve details and facilities.
  • Hyperlinks to documents relating to the various reserves.

Clubs / Casual Users

  • Quick access to Clubs and Casual User contact and other details.
  • Ability to review each club's Reserve Usage requirements.
  • Quick access to each club's Survey Responses.
  • Ability to record and review Lease, AGM and Insurance details.

Reserve Usage

  • Easy entry and management of Reserve Usage, including annual club usage.
  • View and print Reserve Usage as a weekly schedule.
  • Efficient management of casual bookings.
  • Manage concurrent usage of different facilities on each reserve.
  • Assists in scheduling maintenance and capital works.


  • Efficient entry and management of club surveys and club survey responses.
  • Quick preparation of survey response tallies, with the ability to export data to Excel for the preparing of graphs.
  • Ability to generate and manage a broad range of questions associated with survey responses.
  • Facilitates the mapping of trends and issues affecting clubs.
  • May be utilised to collect data to support various funding applications.


  • Easily establish and track projects associated with the various reserves.
  • Maintain extensive notes against each project, and against each stage of a given project.
  • Print details and a simple Gantt Chart for each project.
  • Can be used to formally report on project management activity.


For Resource Management - Sports and Recreation contains the following components:

  • Club and Casual User details - general and contact details, lease and AGM details, reserve usage and survey details.
  • Reserves - general and contact details where applicable, reserve features and usage, photos and documents.
  • Reserve Usage - booking of reserves and/or facilities by clubs and casual users.
  • Surveys - add/edit surveys and survey questions, enter, edit, tally and query survey responses.
  • Projects - a simple-to-use project management component for reserve development, maintenance, and other projects.
  • Letters of Notice - for managing mail-outs and email messages to the various clubs and casual users.
  • Club Visits - for managing visits and meetings with the various local clubs.

System Requirements

  • Pentium PC or better (with mouse)
  • 256mb RAM or better (depending on your version of Microsoft® Access)
  • Super VGA Monitor running at 800x600 resolution and 16 colours or more
  • 100mb or more free hard drive space (not including the space required for Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access)
  • Microsoft® Windows 98 or later
  • Microsoft® Access 2000 or later currently (a standalone version of this product can be purchased separately)


Facilities Management Software - custom database

Product Brochure

 Download (146kb)

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