Workflow Essentials (Manufacturing) - Custom Database System

 Drives Your Manufacturing Business' Workflow and Information Management

 Advanced Optional Add-on Features Under Ongoing Review/Development


For Business Management - Workflow Essentials (Manufacturing) is a database management system specifically designed for the needs of manufacturing businesses.  It provides facilities for both managing standard business information such as clients, suppliers, order, products etc, as well as managing information and functionality specific to a manufacturing business' stock control, cost control, project or job management and workflow automation.


For Business Management - Workflow Essentials (Manufacturing) will save you time and money in the management of your:

  • Manufacturing Administration,
  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Operations - keeping your team co-ordinated and on-task, and...
  • Leadership - providing the management tools and information you require to manage your business.


The base components within For Business Management - Workflow Essentials include:

  • Customers
  • Customer Quotes
  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Jobs
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Purchases
  • Supplier Orders
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Timesheets
  • To Do List
  • Assets
  • Software Register
  • Reminders
  • Todo List
  • Document Management
  • Basic Reporting

The advanced components within For Business Management - Workflow Essentials include:

  • Extended CRM Functionality
  • Extended Job Functionality
  • Extended Order Management
  • Parts and Internal Work Orders
  • Automated Emails
  • Automated Generation of Supplier Orders from Customer Orders
  • Marketing and Financial Reporting
  • Extended Document Management
  • Client Payment Management
  • Data Export

Advanced add-on options you may wish to commission:

  • Data Link to MYOB
  • Data Link to another third party database
  • Mail Merge Emailing / Auto insert of Outlook appointments
  • Bill-Of-Materials Management
  • Stock Journal Entries
  • Product Price Breaks by Supplier
  • Extended Data Importing
  • Enhanced Job Management Component
  • Extended Implementation of File Notes & Document Management
  • Data Link to Microsoft® Word-based quotes
  • Cost Management
  • Extended Data Importing
  • Management of Deliveries and Installations
  • Barcode Support
  • Stocktake and Stock Card Support
  • Off-Cut / Wastage Reporting
  • Client Monthly Statements
  • Enhanced Financial Reporting
  • Enhanced Workflow Management
  • Enhanced Product Security

System Requirements

  • Pentium PC or better (with mouse)
  • 256mb RAM or better (depending on your version of Microsoft® Access)
  • Super VGA Monitor running at 800x600 resolution and 16 colours or more
  • 100mb or more free hard drive space (not including the space required for Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access)
  • Microsoft® Windows 98 or later
  • Microsoft® Access 2000 or later currently (a standalone version of this product can be purchased separately)


Workflow Essentials - custom database for manufacturers

Product Brochure

 Download (450kb)

Selected Screen Shots

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Savings Estimation Tool

 Download (60kb, Excel)

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